Check out my updated comedy reel ya’ll and latest VO spot!

Tried out my new set at THE COMEDY STORE! Eeeee, such a blast. Reel for stand up coming soon!

Went to the WOMEN IN ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT 2017 today – and um. Yeah. Motivated. Inspired. Angry. Confused. Impassioned. YOU NAME IT – let’s GET TO WORK! Such a great day.

@ShariShaw hosted Writer, Producer, Director Mark Wilding for an awesome Q&A talkback. Learned so much, as always! Thank you Shari.

Performed some  Stand Up tonight for @NationalMeanGirlsDay at Flappers with headliner @whatsupdanny Daniel Franzese.

Soooo um, today I went to the Emmy’s.  They were insane/incredible/enter positive adjective here. I wore Vintage Marchesa (I know you were wondering) and my amazing glam squad of @trucollins and @angelfoodcake917 made me look perty. The night was awesome – not to mention my stud of a date won!! (again, but who’s counting!?)

Worked with director Will Lowell and our @FunnyOrDie video went viral, thanks to his hilarious sketch! http://bit.ly/2iTYT89 Check out the VO as well… you might recognize someone eh!? eh!?

Finished @LeslyKahn Clinic – LOVE LOVE LOVE my class!

Went to the taping of ONE DAY AT A TIME and the episode was directed by @GloriaKellett … I die! In other news, Norm was there… right NORM FREAKIN LEAR. I didn’t geek out, I swear.

Loved Tiffany Little Canfield’s workshop – just such a blast and always let’s me learn something new. Love this office – they make me so happy, yes I have a girlcrush on everyone in there.  Their love for actors and the craft is inspiring and warms my heart.

Emo moment over now.

Had an amazing meeting with Head of Casting at Universal, Damian McKay. So informative and fun!

Wrapped my LESLY KAHN COMEDY INTENSIVE. And yes, my brain exploded a whopping 4017 times.

Coming out of my second PRETTY FUNNY WOMEN show at Flappers and I am completely obsessed with Stand Up Comedy and Lisa Sundstedt. Just sayin.

Just finished my Grad Class with the incomparable commercial casting director Laurie Records and she thinks I’m effervescent, so yeahhhhh I can totally die happy now.

Telsey & Co has me on hold for THIS IS US… fingers crossed people!

Finished writing my screenplay with co-writer Celey Schumer … next moves comin soon!

Wrote, produced and starring in a bachelor parody called OUTTAKES…come check it out on my instagram – tune in every Monday night! Also available on my YouTube Channel.

Lifetime’s Local Attraction is LIVE! Tune in and spread the word. So exciting!

Working on another top-secret studio cast recording with PS Classics… more to come… the harmonies are INSANE

Called in for Wet Hot American Summer… somebody out there get’s me…

Filmed Local Attraction in NYC today and it was just awesome. Killer writing, directing and the crew was amazing.

I was just cast as Melissa in the tenth episode of Lifetime/A+E Network show Local Attraction, produced by Cone Flower Studios & directed by Connor Hines.
It was worth the wait! Leaving my meeting with The Actors Green Room’s own Jen Rudolph and I am so happy about my next steps as an actor and business woman.  The guidance was specific and smart – what more could I ask for? Now I know for sure that my type is ‘unapologetic, opinionated, deadpan, really dry, neurotic, zany”… so while I am clearly going to die alone, my type is NAILED DOWN! #KristenWiigMeetsKKGlick

Just spent the last couple of days meeting with the genius that is Heidi Marshall.  Brilliant advice for dayssssss.

UNCLE BUCK got an air date!!! Tune in Tuesday, June 14th at 9pm to catch Mike Epps, Nia Long, James Lesure and yours truly… I may or may not get slapped.

Thrilled to have just signed with AVALON ARTISTS GROUP commercially and theatrically! I can’t wait to work with this awesome team – Craig Holzberg, Elmer Blanco, Bernadette McBrinn, Stephany Burns & Melinda Brown.

Loved working with director Eleanor Hoppe on Joe Egg!

Just wrapped three wonderful weeks with Marci Liroff at Audition Bootcamp! Game-changer.

Graduated from UCB 401!! Such a fun group.

Inspired after a night with fellow Trinity College and other NESCAC graduates. The TRINITY ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS PANEL with Bantam Alums such as Film & Television director, writer & producer: Stephen Gyllenhaal ’72, Executive Producer at Mattel: Julia Pistor ’83, VP of TV & Consumer Marketing at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment: Marc Rashba ’87 and Aroop Sanakkayala ’01, Entertainment Consultant at Roopster Entertainment.

My first pilot season was a successful one! So proud and excited to be apart of the ABC season premiere of UNCLE BUCK starring Mike Epps, Nia Long and James Lesure.  A hysterical show written by the incredible (and my faves!) Stephen Craag and Brian Bradley.  Loved working with everyone and the awesome team over at Koczara/Shevchenko Casting.  Thank you.

AH! Graduated from the William Esper Studios two-year conservatory program. Thank you David Newer, Bill Esper and so many more who motivated, inspired and gave me goosebumps every day for two straight years! It’s official, I’m a Meisner addict.